How to Find Kawasaki Small Engine Model Number

How to Find Kawasaki Small Engine Model Number

Use this guide to learn how to find your Kawasaki small engine model number for your lawn mower, riding mower, zero-turn mower, walk-behind push mower, lawn equipment, and outdoor power equipment.

Kawasaki Small Engine Model Label Location

The model/serial number label explained can usually always be found on the rear of the engine stuck right onto the plastic housing surrounding the engine. Because the housings are usually black and the label is white, it's usually very clear and obviously visible to the naked eye. Below is an example of a small engine model/serial number label location:

How to Read Kawasaki Engine Labels

Most Kawasaki model/serial number labels are formatted the same way and can provide the most vital information needed to find the right replacement parts and accessories. The first part of the label is the engine or model's "CODE" which comprises of the model number followed by the spec number and its model variation. Below that will be a bar code (only useful for scanners but worth noting anyway) and directly below that you will find the model's serial number comprised of a series of hexadecimal characters. All model numbers, spec numbers, and serials read the same way and should be broken down in the following format:

  1. Model Number - the first set of numbers/letters before the first dash determine the family to which the engine belongs to (i.e. FX, FS, FR, etc.) followed by the model within that family.
  2. Spec Number - the second set of numbers/letters after the first dash determines the spec of that model family and specific model. The letters and numbers assigned are arbitrary identifiers and only serve to identify a specific engine made for a specific type of machine or brand.
  3. Serial Number - this set of numbers/letters are usually found just below the bar code and is the number that identifies that particular engine from their manufacturer assembly. This number is only important for registration and warranty purposes.

The most important part of the label is the model/spec number series separated by the dashes. When searching for replacement engines, parts, or accessories, this is definitely the number you want to remember and provide.